Snowbird Storm day Part 1, 12-29-2010

Snowbird Storm day Part 1, 12-29-2010


Snowbird Storm day Part 1, 12-29-2010


Storm days love them or hate them are here!! I love them and so should you. I mean why not, the beaters get scared because they can’t see and they all go inside, and the snow just gets deeper the longer you stay out.  When the canyon road closed at 2:30 there were still loads of hearty souls not ready to go home, so we all stuck it out til the closing bell.

Sticking around did have a price. The drive down was really intense tonight. After grabbing a beer at the P-Dawg we ended up sitting in the Red Snake for about 45 minutes. Once we got moving the snow was pounding and I had a windshield wiper blow out.  After all was said and done it took about an hour and change to make it down the canyon.

For a gnarly storm day it really was not very cold out there. The visibility was actually pretty damn good too. To maximize riding time this afternoon we went and rode some chairs today. Gad 2 was awesome and had a .34 second lift line, as opposed to the 1-2 tram wait that was going on for much of the day. The Get Serious Chutes were looking pretty prime and should go off in the next day or two. Some of the raddest lines at Snowbird are just about filled in.

I forgot to mention yesterday that some people had been sessioning the Forbidden Zone and put in some impressive lines. I also forgot to mention that the bathrooms on Hidden Peak are out of commission for a little while, so if you need to do a number two you will have to hold it all the way until you make it to the bottom.

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