Chasing friends and waiting for the Storm

Chasing friends and waiting for the Storm


Chasing friends and waiting for the Storm


It was a less than stellar day on the hill today at Snowbird. Don’t get me wrong it was still fun, but we could use a little snow to freshen things up a bit. The tourist season has scrapped off much of the soft product and left us with some pretty big bumps out there. I spent the afternoon chasing around local shred Jack Pilot. Jack is one of the silent assassins of Snowbird. He is here ever day, does not talk shit, and is way way better than you. What a good dude.

As I mentioned the snow was a little bumpy, but JAck and I had founds a bit of good soft stuff hiding up on Baldy today. It is still worth the hike. So slap those rear entry boots into walk mode and do the little shuffle up to Baldy if you are into good snow.

The light was low again today so a yellow lens would be recommended. We are looking at a pretty decent storm starting late tomorrow, so rest up for powder madness on Thursday!


The snow was absolutely dumping out of the sky. You know when it snows so hard that it’s kind of a nuisance? I mean I love powder skiing as (…)

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