KT-22 is OPEN - November 26, 2010

KT-22 is OPEN - November 26, 2010

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KT-22 is OPEN - November 26, 2010


Today was the earliest opening for KT in the history of the chair lift. Some of us called BS on that one but everyone from Official Squaw swears it is true. Either way it was a hell of a opening with killer snow and fun times all around. Their was some talk this morning of a possible Fingers Race but the terrain is still really boney which led to no takers. Word on the street is that Sibo might get up and running today! Follow us on Twitter for the latest update on that.

Josh Anderson is happy KT is running.


Click HERE for more photos and videos from today.





It’s official KT-22 will be OPEN on Friday Nov. 26, 2010! See you all in the line up tomorrow morning.

2009: Opening Day of KT-22 Squaw Valley USA from UnofficialSquaw on Vimeo.

Here is a look back on last years KT Opening.

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