Bluebird and Powder - Squaw Valley USA

Bluebird and Powder - Squaw Valley USA

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Bluebird and Powder - Squaw Valley USA


Today it went bluebird. It was a funny kind of day where everyone seemed to be really… really Happy!

But how could you blame them, who would not be in a great mood when it’s not even Thanksgiving and the mountain is almost compleatly filled in. People are Fired UP!

After the unbelivable day of skiing which saw the opening of Shirley Lake and Tower 16 it was off to the Chamois where Jt Holmes reiterated the mood of the day by saying, “Timy Dutton and I were hitting this little 4 footer and these guys were like ‘Hell Yeah, get it!’ in two weeks if I hit the same jump they will be calling me a Fag.”



Squaw Valley went from looking like this…..


To looking like this in six days.


Starting to look like the 1982 filming of Hot Dog….The Movie


The Palisades.


KT-22, which we are all still waiting on.


Mountain Run and KT-22.

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