2010 World Heli Challenge

2010 World Heli Challenge


2010 World Heli Challenge


2010 World Heli Challenge Movie from Tony Harrington on Vimeo.

The 2010 World Heli Challenge took place in Wanaka, New Zealand July 29- August 10 2010. This video is the 24 minute TV show that is currently airing around the globe.
With the likes of Travis Rice, Ted Davenport, Chris Booth, Charlie Timmins, Andy Finch, Quentin Robbins, Rydor McCune, Ane Enderud, Aline Bock, the Kuzma sisters, Shannan Yates, Ratty Sheidow and a host of top notch skiers and boarders from around the world, it was never a doubt that this event wouldn't be as incredible as it always has been. Check out the adventure lifestyle that goes with it, simply the coolest expression of freeriding event on the planet.

Click into worldhelichallenge.com for more details.

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