Daron Rahlves' Tahoe Banzai tour 2011

Daron Rahlves' Tahoe Banzai tour 2011


Daron Rahlves' Tahoe Banzai tour 2011


"Skier-cross – the best possible way to get hurt on skis" –confusus

Daron Rahlves, (born in Walnut Creek, CA) the former downhill champ and now freeskiing/skier-cross badass, has put together a three stop skier-cross series that will roll through Lake Tahoe this winter.  The tour is called the "Rahlves' Banzai Tour 2011" and will include three stops at Alpine Meadows (Jan. 22-23), Kirkwood (Feb. 5-6), and the finals at Sugar Bowl (March 12-13).

The inspiration for this tour comes from the old Silver Belt Race that used to occur at Sugar Bowl between 1940 and 1975.  The race was considered legendary.  Sugar Bowl brought it back in 2004 in a skier-cross format, then vanquished it again until 2009, with the most recent race being held last year in 2010 (Ralvhes won both of those).  For 2011 Ralvhes has expanded the event to include two more stops at Alpine Meadows and Kirkwood. 

There is some serious money involved:  $10,000 Purse at Each Stop, $10,000 Overall Tour Winner, $10,000 Super Final Winner Take All.  Registration is open to anyone over 18 who skis or boards and costs $100/event and includes a lift ticket on race day.  Register here:  RahlvesBanzai.com


Photo by Seth Lightcap

Tour Stops
Alpine Meadows – Beaver Bowl Banzai
January 22-23

Kirkwood – Eagle Bowl Banzai
March 5-6

Tour Final – Sugar Bowl Silver Belt Banzai
March 12-13

Rahlves Super Final 1 run winner takes $10K!
Sugar Bowl – March 13

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