Tired? Need some PILLOWS?!?!!

Tired? Need some PILLOWS?!?!!


Tired? Need some PILLOWS?!?!!


PILLOWS!!  Skiing pillows is basically the coolest thing you can do on skis.  I'd say it's between pillows and steep spines, but that's just me.  This first video is Jackson Hole.  But, early season in Tahoe, before we get way too much snow and it drowns them out, we have some beautiful pillow lines here, too.  Luckily, my buddy Adam Riscutto knows exactly where they are.  Somehow, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa also seems to know where there's a few pillow lines.  Check out Sage in pillowland below.

Pillows of fun from sage on Vimeo.

The video below is my buddy Adam Ruscitto crushing some fluffy pillow lines in Tahoe.  Personally I think Adam is way sicker than Sage, but that's just me.  There's no music on this one – I recommend putting on "Closer" (warning: disturbing video/audio) by Nine Inch Nails, while you watch Adam rip, but again, that's just me.

Trestle Peak Pillows from AdRock on Vimeo.

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