Surfing & Paddleboarding Lake Tahoe

Surfing & Paddleboarding Lake Tahoe


Surfing & Paddleboarding Lake Tahoe



Sunday’s forecast was pretty straight southwest, which meant Sand Harbor should have been the call. But when I came around the bend from Carnelian Bay into Tahoe Vista I saw some whitewash and what looked to be enough wind swell to make something work. I pulled over and noticed there were already a few surfers and paddleboarders out. Pretty cool really as many sessions I’ve surfed on the Lake have been solo or with the one friend that was adventurous enough to give it a go (January partners are tough to come by, ditto for cold rain and snow events). 



photo by Brennan Lagasse

As I headed out the waves were standard for Tahoe-short period swaths of water that sometimes suck up right as you think they’re going to pitch. But once in a while they pitched enough to drop in and give a ride, and there was enough shifting in any peaks to get people to move around so everyone could take off as they pleased. Nothing too earth shattering, but a bunch of guys having a great time in the Lake, picking off waves in the rain, hoping it was nuking white goodness above 8,000 feet.

After a two solid hours of playing I jumped out to take a few shots and noticed there were cars lined up all along 89 checking out the session. I also noticed a few other paddleboards showed up, and another guy was suiting up to paddle out. A pretty good window of fun in our backyard for a few souls, especially when it was raining so hard the only other worthy activity was watching football. Now it’s back to wishing snow levels would drop, and checking out the colder system that’s on tap for next weekend.

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