Riding the North Umpqua Trail

Riding the North Umpqua Trail


Riding the North Umpqua Trail


We road this entire trail mentioned and set up two base camps on the car shuttle so that we could ride into stocked, warm and comfortable campsites. Each site was stocked with food, stoves, tents, sleeping bags and plenty of beer. There are numerous campsites along the way that can be used if planned properly. Best time to go is any time when it isn't raining or forecasted to rain. Drizzle or short rains are no problem but it can get really cold and wet in the Umpqua region. To get there drive to Roseburg, Oregon and the Umpqua begins 12 miles outside of town. Leave at least an hour to drive to Lemolo Lake.


The trail segments we road were as follows:


Day 1

Warm up ride

Day 2

Lemolo section beginning at the Kelsay Valley Trailhead 6.3 miles

Dread and Terror section beginning at the White Mule Trailhead 13 miles

We camped on night 1 at the start of the Hot Springs section

Day 3

Hot Springs section 3.5 miles

Deer Leap section beginning at the Toketee Lake Trailhead 9.6 miles

Jesse Wright section beginning at the Soda Springs Trailhead 4.1 miles

Marsters section beginning at the Marsters Trailhead 3.6 miles

Calf section beginning at the Calf Creek Trailhead 3.7 miles

Panther section beginning at the Panther Trailhead 5 miles

Mott section beginning at the Mott Trailhead 5.5 miles

Tioga section beginning at the Wright Creek Trailhead 15.5 miles

Finish at car park at Swiftwater Park

For more photos check out www.photoshelter.com/c/ryansalmphotography

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