Freeride World Tour drops the Women!!!

Freeride World Tour drops the Women!!!


Freeride World Tour drops the Women!!!





I had to read over this and the rest of the email a few times to understand exactly what was going on here. That, plus it was first thing in the morning so I wasn’t really awake yet.

So long story short, the FWT had removed the women from the FWT and put us into the Freeride World Qualifiers. Even though a select few of us had worked so hard the past season to secure our spots.

What does that mean?

Much, much less prize money, if any- even though it was already way less than half of what the men received last year.

Entry fees- Fees were comped on the FWT, not on the FWQ

Tickets- Free for the FWT not the FWQ

Accommodations- Free on most of the FWT stops, not on the FWQ

All of a sudden the pro tour for women had disappeared. My fellow ladies and I had no idea these changes were being made. It comes to a huge disappointment to all of us. We are still working on what to do, and when we know more I’ll keep everyone posted.

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