The Deeper World Premiere

The Deeper World Premiere


The Deeper World Premiere



Jeremy Jones' and Teton Gravity Research's Deeper had its' world premiere on Friday, September 10th at the Truckee River Amphitheater.  There must have been close to 2000 people that came out to see what Jones and his pals had been up to for the last two years.  It was a cold, dark night, and many spectators saw shooting stars in the sky right above the screen.


Sponsors and local businesses had booths set up so that the movie goers could get fired up on their winter products.


Jeremy sat at the Jones Snowboards booth and signed autographs before the movie. He must have gotten a sore arm, he was always busy!

How was the movie you ask?  It's not your typical snow porn, that's for sure.  It's an account of why Jeremy decided to make the movie in the first place, followed by the 2 years of snowboarding, skinning, tent life during week long storms, and some nail-biting lines, and hikes too, for that matter; more documentary-esque.  Squaw Valley's own Ryland Bell had one of the bigger parts in the movie aside from Jones himself.  Ryland and Jones braved some of the gnarlier hikes and lines of the film, even camping at the top of one line in the bitter cold to ride the line in the morning light the following day.  Other notable parts are those of Xavier de le Rue and Travis Rice.  

If you weren't able to make it to the Truckee River Amphitheater on Saturday, you can still make it to one of the many other premieres on the tour schedule.  I highly recommend it!

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