Lake Tahoe XTERRA Triathlon

Lake Tahoe XTERRA Triathlon


Lake Tahoe XTERRA Triathlon




Jeff Pratt starting the 22 mile bike ride

The bike ride was definitely my strongest event but when I got off my bike at the transition stage to start the run my legs were jello.  I tried to drink some gatorade and pretty much choked on it as I ran out of the staging area.  The 3 mile trail run doesn't sound very intimidating but let me tell you, the first mile was torture.  My legs did not want to move and all I wanted to do was stop moving.  I pained through the first mile before I started to feel better and was able to pick up the pace.  Probably 2.5 miles in, my legs started to cramp as I ran into a ditch forcing me to stop and stretch them out.  From there on, I couldn't really bend my legs that much so I had to waddle like a penguin anytime there was a small hill or downhill.  

Transitioning from the swim to the bike

I finished the race in 2 hours and 57 minutes.  First place for men 25-29 in the short course and 10th overall.  I must say shortening the swim definitely helped me and I was super surprised how much adrenaline I had during the whole event. The experience was eye opening and I think I might be hooked.  I am already planning on signing up for three triathlons next summer.   Now I just gotta work on my swimming! 

Jeff Pratt, myself and Christina Farias enjoying cold beer in our trophy pints

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