South America- Party BUS

South America- Party BUS


South America- Party BUS


The party in El Colorado came to an end and it was time to get on the road again. This meant a 17 hour bus ride from Chile to Argentina via the party bus. Well after you made our way down from El Colorado in a caravan. I have to admit I was dreading this ride from the start. The idea of riding a bus 17 hours through the winding roads of the Andes mountains did not sound pleasant, especially since I am prone to motion sickness.

Barlow our fearless leader all smiles before the trip really got started.


Once we finally got on the road things got interesting. The boo’s came out and shirts came off! Sorry boy’s, all the girls kept theirs on.  The judges put on a good show for the rest of us.  On the way to Argentina there was some singing, but nothing like the sounds that came out on the way back to Chile. Mumford and TJ put on a show, even though one of those boys has memory of that ride. Way to go TJ! I'm sorry to report that I seem to have no scandolous photos, it appears the amazing views seemed to capture my eye a lot more!



The border crossing was as smooth as can be on the way into Argentina. Nothing like a box of goodies to bribe customs! However on the way back to Chile I’m surprised we made it through with all of our stuff.  Actually, I’m not quite sure everything made it through. I’m sure the Chilean customs found some reason to hold onto some random personal item.


It took a bit but we finnally made it through! Look at all the happy faces!


Actually, I'm don't remember if everyone is happy or just delirous at this point.



-Side note, you see that peak- Aconcagua. The young gun Jonny Collinson climbed that, along with all of the other seven summits!



If there is one thing I discovered about South America is was that stuff does not happen when it’s supposed to. An 8am departure time most likely means we will leave by noon and a 1 hour break will take atleast three hours!



I am worn out, tired and sick, but it was still one of the best bus rides ever! Could not of asked to make that trek with a better group of people!




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