Legend of Aahhh's by Greg Stump

Legend of Aahhh's by Greg Stump


Legend of Aahhh's by Greg Stump


Legend of Aahhh's Trailer from Ryan Gillentine

theskichannel.com tells us about this new film project by Greg Stump.

"Twenty years after unleashing the legendary "Blizzard of Aahhh's" upon the world, filmmaker Greg Stump returns to explore the history of ski films with "Legend of Aahhh's." In his first ski film in ten years, Stump explores the evolution of skiing and ski films ranging from the freestyle to the extreme movement. Along the way, Stump recruits some of the industry's pioneers such as Otto Land, Warren Miller, Dick Barrymore, John Jay, and countless other icons.

Stump begins by providing us the historical perspective, both of the films and of the personalities that would lead skiing from the burning rubble of the freestyle era into the MTV inspired extreme movement. As the Jet Stream Shifts, Skiers like Plake, Schmidt and Hattrup join Stump in a quest to change the face of skiing, giving it a younger, more exciting feel and leading to the Perfect Snowstorm. With the making and release of the "Blizzard of Aahhh's," Stump and his gang of misfits find themselves at the vanguard of a new age of skiing. Unseen footage and interviews give a unique view into the amazing moment that changed an entire genre of film." theskichannel.com

Skiing the Aiguille de Midi with Glen Plake from UnofficialSquaw on Vimeo.

With this new project in mind we thought you might like this Unofficial Clip from last season of Glen Plake showing us around Chamonix, France.

Location: The Aigulle de Midi: Chamonix, France
Skiers: Glen Plake, Tim Dutton, JT Holmes, Jackie Paaso, Jeff Wright, Tim Konrad and Unofficial Guide Dave

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