Looking Back at AK

Looking Back at AK


Looking Back at AK


Donkey Kong AK Style 4/16/10 from UnofficialSquaw on Vimeo.

While healing from my ACL surgery, I have been finding lots of time to go through old photos and POV footage.  Here is the second of two runs that we got up at Points North Heli-Ski in the Chugach.  Unfortunatly, this was the best day the whole week and the light was very flat, the snow, however, was excellent. 

You can here some funny dialogue in the audio.  I was the first of 10 people to ski the "Donkey Kong" line, my basic question was "what the hell am I supposed to do?"  I felt very confident being with two of the best guides out there Kip and Al of PNH.  I very carefully listned to everything they said. 

The run was extremely steep, at least 50 degrees plus with 5 feet of blower powder on top.  The slough was running like a frieght train all around.   I was able to make several decent steep turns, but then I kind of got lost and instead of turning on the spine the whole way down, I just pointed it out in the gulley.  Fun and exciting for sure! 

This was an awsome experience and if I go back to that same line again some day I will know what to do and ski it much better.  You have to get your feet wet sometime, can't wait to get back for more!!

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