Name That Bird - Video Edition

Name That Bird - Video Edition


Name That Bird - Video Edition



   I went fishing on the backside of Stampede Reservoir yesterday but it turned into more of a bird watching expedition.  I saw sea-gulls, ducks, geese, swans, golden eagles, grouse, merganzers and many others I can't even name.  Then I saw these two things, they kind of startled me.  They were at least 4 feet tall and were not backing down much as me and my dog approached.  They made a very loud cackeling sound and when we got close they flew for about 100 yards and had a wing span of at least 6 feet!!

Name These Birds from UnofficialSquaw on Vimeo.

I felt like I was in Jarrasic Park at first, then I thought they were escaped peacocks or emus or osteritches.   When I got home I did some reasearch and think I have positively identified them.  I think it's pretty rare that you see these up in the Sierra.  I am hoping to capture a great photo of sasquatch next time!
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