Deeper Unplugged - McConkey's - Episode 8

Deeper Unplugged - McConkey's - Episode 8


Deeper Unplugged - McConkey's - Episode 8


The good guys over at Teton Gravity Research just droped this clip of Squaw local Jeremy Jones riding one of our favorite Squaw lines, McConkey's. 

"Three days ago it went from blower to choker. When it really dumps the backcountry is dangerous. A lot of times the resort is the only safe place you can ride." – Jeremy Jones

As major storms pound Tahoe, unstable conditions force the Deeper Crew inbounds at Squaw where they hit McConkey's, a run commemorating the late skiing pioneer at the top of KT-22.

Me n' McConkey's from Not Sad on Vimeo.

If you think that was cool check out Squaw local Josh Anderson strightlining.


McConkey's Rebate from UnofficialSquaw on Vimeo.

Miles Clark POV

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