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Mike Dudek hucking a disc at the North Tahoe Regional Park Disc Golf Course.

We are lucky to have a number of fine courses in and around the Tahoe area. One of the best courses around is the North Tahoe Regional Park disc golf course. They even have their own website!

More info on Tahoe Regional Park disc golf course can be found at dgcoursereview.com

Back 9 the North Tahoe Regional Park disc golf course.

cjskier on dgcoursereview.com had this to say about the North Tahoe Regional Park.

Pros: -Amazing location, in the mountains of north Lake Tahoe. Incredible views on some holes.

– Good variety of holes, about 6 holes have decent elevation changes.

-Back 9 are really nice, tightly treed holes.

-Good layout around the park.

-Has its own regional online message board, http://northtahoediscgolf.ning.com /

-Can’t say enough about the setting.

Cons: -Some holes on the front 9 can be VERY hard to find your disc, even with a spotter.

-Some of the rubber tee-pads are not very level and smooth.

-18th hole, although a nice long finishing hole plays threw basically the dumping area for the park.



Other Thoughts: -Definitely a must play in your in the area. But do your self a favor and play all of the Tahoe area courses to get a real taste of what disc golf is like up here. Every course is VERY different.

-Afternoon mountain winds can really mess with your game…

-Watch where your disc goes carefully when playing holes 2-6, bushes and trees hide discs well.

-Enjoy the incredible views on whole 17!

So head on down to the North Tahoe Regional Park and maybe you will pull off an ace like Barry Schultz who ace this hole at Vista Del Camino Park.

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