Final East Side Trip

Final East Side Trip


Final East Side Trip


Skied three final days on the east side over Memorial Day weekend.  Above is the Solstice couloir on Mt. Dana.  Had to cut a chunk of cornice out to get in.  Under the entrance was a 50ft cliff, so you had to traverse under the cornice after sliding in.

Looking back up the Solstice Couloir, which we skied Saturday.  You can see the entrance in-between the cornice blocks

Benson skiing pow in the Soltice Couloir

Mike Vaughan POV – East Side Finals from UnofficialSquaw on Vimeo.

POV from one of the couloirs on Mt. Thompson (Sunday) and a line on Emerson (Monday)

The Second line in this is what I've been calling the "S" chute on Mt. Emerson.  I skied the top really conservatively due to the exposure and the warming snow.  In reality the top would have been pretty rip-able, but I was scared.  I didn't subject the viewer to the whole thing.  Climbing the crux was the scariest thing I've climbed.  A steep ice bulge for 20 or 30 feet.  Definitely wouldn't have made it up without an axe and crampons, had to use some rock on the right for hand-holds too.  I wish I had the camera running for that too…

The "S."  I've had my eye on this line for a while.  Scary, but I was stoked to ski it.  Anyone know of another name for this line?  Check out the POV above.

I've uploaded a bunch more photos to Flickr…I'll try to add them with captions soon.

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