Final Deeper Mission of the Season

Final Deeper Mission of the Season


Final Deeper Mission of the Season


Over the river and through the woods…

Navigating through a massive boulder field was both dangerous and time consuming.

Name that bird and win the Unofficial hat of your choice!  I saw these two birds run, not fly, out of my way early our first morning.

Tall objectives = lots of hiking. This is my submission for the “Best photographer/filmer hiking shot” competition with Jeremy. I look forward to seeing the banger that he’s claiming is the best.

Still hiking, but almost to the top of this head wall. The snow was blower pow in this tight little couloir.

Jeremy exits the side chute he was climbing in the previous pic.

JJ admires one of the massive rock formations in the zone.

On the way to my line. It took me a few hours to get to the pinnacle dead-ahead of my left “ski” (in the middle of the 3 rock pinnacles), but I got there right as the light hit the top steep and exposed section.

My line from above… It was 50+ degrees steep on this top section. I was being shot from the rock in the very top center of the pic, out in the flats beyond the scree field.  My first toe side turn, right below the shaded knob on the left-middle of the pic, was knee deep pow!

…and from below, 25 secs or so and a couple thousand feet later. What a rush!

Unofficial filmer Jeff Wright came along to film. Here he is at camp, getting ready to head down. Someone give this man a lighter touring set up! As if his pack isn't heavy enough with that massive tripod.  My day 2 line is in the far back.

Jeremy looking for beavers on the way out.  This trip was probably one of my most adventurous snowboard trips ever.  Every time I get into the Eastern Sierra I kick myself for not getting out there more often; it's always so much fun.


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