What kind of Bird is that?

What kind of Bird is that?


What kind of Bird is that?


Unknown Bird


The first person who can correctly identify this bird that was hanging out at the top of Dead tree yesterday will win a free UnofficialSquaw Hat.

( Please Post answer on our UnofficialSquaw Facebook Page)


KT Unloading Dock 6:40PM May 25, 2010

The skiing off KT is still quite stellar. Top to bottom skiing with no bumps, tracks or people. It might feel alittle bit weird being at the top of KT with no one else around but having the time to decide where you are going to put in your freash tracks is even more weird.

Squaw Valley & Lake TAhoe

GS Bowl and Lake Tahoe

Dead Tree

Dead Tree looking alittle burnt out up top but super good below the entrence.

Headwall and the Sisters

Headwall and The Sisters

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