Pow in the High Sierra by Mike Vaughan

Pow in the High Sierra by Mike Vaughan


Pow in the High Sierra by Mike Vaughan



POV of the two Johnson couloirs, and what's a trip to Bishop without a corn run down Wahoo Gullies (double-time) which I skied after Emerson.


The North Couloirs of Johnson.  There was a track in the more commonly skied right couloir, so I decided to go for the left.  There was a sketchy ice-bulge above the crux, under some sugar-snow.  I actually had to cut a couple steps with my axe.  Couldn't quite top-out either, but the snow was all-time.  Went ahead and skied the right couloir too.

Mike Vaughan – Uh (Emer)Son from UnofficialSquaw on Vimeo.

This is my POV cam of The North Couloir of Emerson.  What it lacks on GNAR factor, it makes up for in length, and in snow quality in this case.  I hope you can sit through it.  It took me over 3 hours to get to the bottom, almost 3 to posthole up it, and 3 minutes to ski down it.

Picture of Mt. Emerson from last year.  This angle does it justice.  I was amazed that the north couloir didn't have tracks, because zebra had 2 (looker's left).  One day the "S" chute (looker's right) will go, and I will ski it.


The "sickle-shaped chute of doom."  Benson pointed this line out.  Has anyone skied it I wonder?  Looks sick…and scary.

Never head to the high sierra without your ice-axe.  You'll never use a plastic trowel again.  How's that Trader Joe's Indian food sittin?

If you have an off-day and you're around Mono Lake or Bridgeport, check out the ghost-town of Bodie.  It's really cool.

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