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Skied Esha Peak on Monday.  Not quite the marathon day that Sat. was, but a fun ski.  There were a bunch of tracks down the central chute, but plenty of fresh to be had in the others.  I skied the next chute skier's left which had no tracks.

Climbing to the summit with Esha Canyon and Crowley lake in the background.  This is the chute that I skied, Pep and Dave skied the skier's right chute which only had a track or two, and looked like it was holding some nice pow.

After Skiing Esha, I slogged up some scree for an extra hour and a half to get one of these bonus lines.  I skied the skier's right chute that ends with a small air.  Snow was getting a little baked by then, and I sent a bunch of roller balls down the line ahead of me.  Nothing scetchy, and it still skied pretty well, but it would have been sweet an hour earlier.  A couple grand of smooth corn down Esha Canyon and I was back at the car. 

We've got a long season of skiing still down here, and it's snowing right now.  I'm looking forward to plenty more of this to come.

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