More Pics From Points North

More Pics From Points North


More Pics From Points North



Bluebird at the base but those clouds again just hung there motionless 100_0866

Helis on standby


The next day was cloudy with flat light but we got the call to go take a few runs.  John Lange, Me and Jamie Blair all fired up.


Waiting for our ride. 100_0879

This was our first run called Guilt Trip. We started way up at the peak on the lookers left.  We skied down that ridge (which is a glacier with giant cravasses on either side) to the lowests notch and then came fall line toward where I took the picture.  If you zoom in at the top lowest notch, you can seen the second group waiting up there.  This was a 2,500 foot leg burner, with deep, blower powder. 


Scott Hanichen nearing the bottom.


A potential run, The Worm Glacier. It's hard to grasp the scale but this face is enormous and steep, it's at least 3,000 vertical feet. 

100_0885 This is the second run we decided on called "Donkey Kong".  The face we skied is dead center starting below the lowest notch on the ridgeline.   It was only about 800 vertical but a sustained 50-degrees, with very deep snow.  Then we skied anonther 1,000 vert or so on the lower snow field. 

100_0902 The next day was stormy again. This is PNH's resident eagle, Jimmy. 100_0907 I killed some time on their ghetto climbing wall and then we headed home.

I am working on some POV footage to put up here soon!





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