Heli Skiing Valdez, AK

Heli Skiing Valdez, AK


Heli Skiing Valdez, AK


Da Choppa

So we had an amazing three and a half days of bluebird, deep pow skiing with Alaska Backcountry Adventures out of Thompson Pass, AK.  Here is a photo of the heli with Nik hanging out, about to go film some straight lines from the air.

Mat recovering from BN

After we all skied a zone, Mat Jackson thought it would be a good idea to redo his straighline nude. (BN) in the game of GNAR.  Our guides seemed to think we were the first people to ever film a nude skier straight lining in the Chugach.  Yea Mat!

Frontal Lobotomy

This zone was called Frontal Lobotomy and was super deep and super steep.  We definitely got some slough moving which ended up taking out Josh Anderson, screwed up my line a bit and almost engulfed Greg Linsey.  I skied the lookers right spine just before the biggest shadow.

The Books

This zone was part of the "Books" and perhaps was one of my favorite lines for sustained pitch, perfect powder and just overall enjoyment.  I skied the pyramid looking peak, starting on the lookers left convexity and moved lookers right to the next  convexity before getting spit out by my slough at the sketchy and rocky choke.  Huge rush!

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