Munich or Munchen?!

Munich or Munchen?!


Munich or Munchen?!


I should be on a plane to Norway but instead I think the next plane I get on will be taking me to the USA!!! It's been a while since I've been back home and I feel like I'm missing out on an amazing spring back at Squaw. I think the down time over here in Europe has been good for my body if not my head atleast. I think everything including my shoulder is all healed up, well close atleast.

I headed over to Munich the other day with a few friends of mine. That city is pretty nice, amazing architecture, good food and great beer!

After checking out some of the sights we headed over to do some drinking at the Hofbrier House. Drinking, Germany's past time. We have baseball in the U.S. they have drinking. Everywhere you go there is a beer garden or a drinking hall. The mugs are huge and atleast every 5mins. there is a toast, or proust as they say in Duetchland!

Ok, I'm ready to get back on the mountain!

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