Ski Testing in Austria

Ski Testing in Austria


Ski Testing in Austria


My friends Janina Kuzma, Sebastian Hanneman and I head over to Diedamskopf Austria for a ski test. The ski test was for SKIING magazine for the German speaking area. The resort looked like a ton of fun but it unfortunatley was a bit too warm to do much big mountain skiing.

My shoulder was a little sore the first day from all the travel. Lugging your bags on and off the train for a few hours is not the best for a bad shoulder. I took the first day easy and just checked out the sites

Janina joined me a bit in between jumps.

The second day was sooo much fun. I haven't done much park riding this year so it was good to get out and work on stuff. I feel I need a lot of work, Janina claims it's not too bad. She is so much fun to ski with. We did right side, left side 3's and I even pulled off a 720. It was  a good time.

We didn't get any backcountry photo shoots in like we had hoped but it was still a great time. Good people, good food and some fun in the park!

Got to love spring skiing!

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