Verbier Extremes!

Verbier Extremes!


Verbier Extremes!


It's been a few days since I've been in Verbier but I fugured I should check in.

We had an autograph session right before the bib draw. It took a while for someone to convince me to go but  went for the kids, ha.

Later on that night we had the bid draw. I got to wear the golden bib! Even if only for one comp this year. Better luck next year!

The contest did'nt quite go as well as planned. I had a great line picked out and it was going well until after my second drop. I hit the cliff a bit too far to my right and landed on the rock I meant to avoid. It threw me off a bit but I thought I may just pull it off. After 40ft or so I got into some windpacked snow and crashed. Oh well, I tried. Here's a look at the women's face,

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