Taking it easy on ASI

Taking it easy on ASI


Taking it easy on ASI


So I've been resting up my shoulder for Verbier. I didn't really ski much this past week, but I think it was for the better. It's been nice to have some free time. After a few days how ever I was itching to get outside. Going to the gym just doesn't cut it for me. A few of my friends were going up to ASI on Donner Pass to do some filming. I decided to hike up and check it out. I took my time and took a few photos on the way up.

This morning Willie Schnieder and I skinned up ASI to check out a few areas. It was a bit windy but it was still worth the trip. It sucks waking up at 5am but once I get out there it's usually worth it.

The skin up was pretty wind buffed but we found some pockets of good snow along the way down.

Afterward we headed over to Sugarbowl for the Silverbelt Bonzai skier cross. I was there for moral support. I decided it was probably best to rest up for Verbier. Next year I hope to take part again. It's always a good time.

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