yet another road trip to BC

yet another road trip to BC


yet another road trip to BC


a few weeks ago, Scott Gaffney and I left Tahoe and drove in the usual direction in which one drives when leaving Tahoe to go skiing–North.  The hope was to rendezvous with some Canucks somewhere a wee bit north of Whistler, thereby avoiding the Olympic brouhaha while taking advantage of the olympic amounts of snow that have fallen in the area this season.  I'll spare you any more verbose descriptions and hopefully let the pictures tell the story–overall, good times but we were heading up there to hopefully crush it, and well….better luck next time!  But as long as everyone comes back safe, mission accomplished and it was an excellent trip.

Entering Vancouver–she's looking all nice & shined up for the 2010 Games. Weather looks promising!!

We stayed in Pemberton that night, and woke to THIS the next morning!  Holy crap, so stoked.

Then, we started to see this….literally EVERYWHERE.  On mellow slopes, steep slopes, snowmobile triggered, remote triggered, you name it. No go. Back to the place to regroup and make a plan.

We figured we'd head out on sleds to see what we could see, and hopefully find the most mini mini features and just get a feel for the snow from the ground up, from a safe place of course.  We couldn't get too far given the hazard and my hazardous sledding abilities, but we did get to see this beautiful sunset and roop around a bit….(more like puttering around when I'm involved, still fun!)

Bryn, Scott, Nate and James demonstrating that, "Hey, it's still fun!"

We drove back to Pemberton, home of Olympian Kristi Richards, to regroup and make still another plan. Someone talked to everyone's favorite Swede, "The Swede," who said that Bella Coola was stable with good snow. Load up the dirty cars; it seems we're headed north again!

We made the mandatory BC stop at you-know-who's….

And lo and behold, the next morning we saw that The Swede was right–except that during our day's drive, the sun had baked some aspects, so we were hunting and pecking for the good snow.  There were a few good runs had, and some searching…..

…which led to a super early start the following morning, and a fairly worthy session in one zone before midday doldrums (read, baked snow) set in. It was time to hit the road again.

Somewhere in all that driving, we managed to stick a sharp rock in the tire; otherwise, we arrived mostly unscathed to new snow back home in Squaw. Which is one of many reasons that I love road trips so much–you see a lot, do a lot, and then you appreciate being home and staying put for a while that much more.  🙂

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