Chamonix Update by, Kip Garre.

Chamonix Update by, Kip Garre.


Chamonix Update by, Kip Garre.


Chamonix from kip Garre on Vimeo.

Chamonix by, Kip Garre.

Leaving Chamonix was hard! My last two weeks there were kind of like the first, blower pow! But more Tahoe people showed up to enjoy the snow with. Oscar, Emily Turner, Dave Rosenbarger and Rosana Hughs, Jessy Busshie, Adrain Ballinger, Jeff Dostie, Brennan Lagasse and a few others. I was able to break free from the Chamonix Valley this year, Italy twice! Once with Rosana and Oscar for Pow and Pizza and another time with Emily, Oscar and Rosansa, for Italian coffee, pizza, gelato, vino and more coffee, all time trip!!!!Not sure how the Italians make their coffee so good but I recommend a trip there for anyone. Packing up and heading home really had me considering how to make a full time home in Chamonix, any advice? After a quick layover in Tahoe I packed up and headed back to Reno bound for Alaska, Points North, yea-Haw! More pow! and I will get my own bed after seven weeks of sharing one with other ski bums from Kashmir to Chamonix, for a few nights I even slept with three in one bed, good times! I ran into Hank De Vre and Miles Clark in the airport, headed to Chamonix, have fun over there boys. I have also heard rumors of an UnofficialSquaw attack on PNH. Can't wait for the crew to arrive in AK.

Cheers, Kip

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