Tahoeloco Weather Outlook

Tahoeloco Weather Outlook


Tahoeloco Weather Outlook



The second caveat is that this storm is still trying to split and carry much of its energy south of Tahoe. If that happens, Mammoth could get hammered and we would get just the brush-by from the storm's northern edge. Even with that, the storm is probably still big enough to dump another 6 to 12 inches of snow above 7,500 feet. But if it stays a little further north and gives us a direct hit we could see twice that amount.

The bottom line is that the region is going to see some significant rain and snow starting Friday morning, with snow levels and snow totals to be determined by the final details of the storm's dynamics and its track.

Either way, the snow should be tapering to showers by Saturday afternoon, and Sunday looks calm and mostly clear as a new ridge of high pressure builds over the area. The same for Monday. Another storm on the horizon could bring snow to Tahoe by Tuesday if it holds together as it approaches California.

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