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Crested Butte Pictures


Crested Butte Pictures



   CB is a very picturesque place, especially when they are getting several feet of blower pow.  The whole North Face Lift area has some of the craziest, steepest technical terrain you could ever imagine.  We get spoiled skiing at Squaw, in that we have tons of dense snow and lots of wide open spaces.  In CB you can never let things run or open it up, there are far too many trees and rocks, you really have to keep things slower and in control but making it fluid that is the key.

   If I was to ski CB full time I would adjust several things.  One, I would ski shorter skis, more in the 188-191 range.   I would also buy more than one pair of skis and dedicate a pair as my rock skis (would probably use these 2/3s of the year or until they were completely destroyed).  Finally, I would wear complete body armor, including back, elbow, shoulder and hip and thigh armor.  

  Great chutes up there lots of vertical good chalky snow

Checking out the qualifier venue, The Little Hourglass

View from the top, soooo,..rocky!


Looking down the Little Hourglass, yes there are rocks in there.

Looking off the bottom air

Willie on his way to the qualifier win

Looking down from the peak, a leg burner

Day 1 lower venue, Slot Rocks

It started to dump

The next day it was all pow, wish I could have skied this day

A look at Day 2 venue Dead End and Body Bag Chutes.

I think this is Dylan Crossman during the finals.  This zone is very steep and yes,,, still rocky.

Arne Backstrom

Oh, yes we skied some pow.  Mike Vaughan is not complaining about this pitch.


View from our porch. Unfortunaly we had to leave this day.

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