After St. Moritz we headed to Fieberbrunn Austria for the 2nd stop of the women's FWT and a 3* qualifier for the men. I've fallen in love with Austria! This place is so beautiful, the people so nice and the prices much cheaper then the previous locations.

Liz and Susan Mol in their little french clown car!

We traveled as a group with Liz and Susan stuffed into one car and myself, the Kuzma twins and Sebastion Hannemann in his VW van. With a little smoke coming from the van and a few interesting electrical issues we eventually made it to Fieberbrunn.

When we arrived at the resort for visual inspection we spent some time waiting for the clouds to clear. Fortunately we were able to traverse into the middle to get a closer look.

The judges skied down to give us an idea of how the snow conditions where. It appeared to be amazing powder and it most areas that was the case.

For some reason this area really looked like fun to me. The plan was to come down through the rocks and hit a double. When I got in the exposure the plan soon changed. The sluff had uncovered all the rocks. Areas that once looked skiable turned into rock gardens. Janina Kuzma went into that area after me and was able to get through safely as well. That unfortunately was not the case for some of the boys. One snowboarder slid on his but over rocks tearing his pants and bruising his but. Another snowboarder was even less fortunate. He fell through the rocks, lost his backpack, injured his shoulder and and cut his arm pretty badly. With the exception of that injury and another crash by Sam Smoothy everyone made it through fairly safe. It was still a good time even though I spent a lot of time skiing rocks!

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