Tahoe Backcountry Deeper Update

Tahoe Backcountry Deeper Update


Tahoe Backcountry Deeper Update



Forrest Shearer, backside slash


We got into some lines in the Carson Pass area that were a little bigger than a lot of the mini-golf lines we'd been doing on other trips.  Above, Forrest rips a backside slash, and below, Ryland about to exit his couloir.  The snow was deceiving; it had a really firm look to it, but was actually quite soft and wintery as exemplified by each of their sprays.

Ryland Bell Exiting his Couloir

We generally have 12 hour days, spent getting to our zone, riding all we can once we're out there, and getting back to the parking lot as the sun goes down.

Ryland Hiking Out

Above, Ryland on his way out of the zone, hiking a bit before he can put his "tele-skis" back on.  Below, an eager Jeremy Jones hikes to the goods.

Jeremy Jones, Ascending

After his efforts, Mr. Jones descends rapidly on his Flagship.

Jeremy Jones exiting a chute

Ryland feeling the pressure as he crosses over some very jagged rocks in order to get into his line.

Ryland Bell, Exposed

On a day when I had nearly given up on getting a shot due to light leaving the sick faces, I rode the below line in the shade.  Just before dropping in, I dropped my walkie talkie down the chute, and it sent its' self off the cliff that I would have gone off if I'd made any mistakes in the crux of the chute.  I could tell the crux was a little boney, and it was so narrow I had to straight line that part, heading straight towards the exposure below.  Then, the fall line changed directions, and there were some more rocks I had to avoid.  Had I known what my track was going to look like (namely the rock I uncovered in the crux), I probably would have skipped this line.

Tracks in a Chute

All in all, it's been a super fun experience, and I've been learning a lot!

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