Blaster Mattias Sullivan's Moroccan Travels

Blaster Mattias Sullivan's Moroccan Travels


Blaster Mattias Sullivan's Moroccan Travels


It's not too often that you hear of people skiing in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. However, these African mountains are snow caped during the winter months and hold some very interesting lines so we just had to check them out.  Over the pass month the majority of the people we talked to told us that there was no snow in Africa and a trip there would be a wast of our time. With this in mind we push on with our plans and in a twist of fate we were put in touch with a new Heli operation in North Africa Helisud-Maroc. As it turned out Helisud-Maroc was keen on starting a Heli ski operation in the surrounding High Atlas Mountains but had not yet had any clients. According to the owners of this Heli opetation, the local guides and all the Moroccans we talked to we are officially the first people to ever go heli skiing in Africa!  Pretty cool.  

We may have not skied blower pow and we didn't get 8 heli bumps a day, but we did ski in Africa and we did ski some serious vert on some nice spring corn.  The Atlas Mountains are huge and look very much like the Andes Mountains in South America.  Our heli adventure was concentrated around the peak of Toubkal, which stands at 13,671 feet and is the highest peak in North Africa.  Though you cannot ski from the top, we were able to ski many first descents on surrounding peaks around 12,500 ft.

Since heli skiing is new to Morocco we had to be patient and aid both the pilot and our guide on where to land and where to ski.  It was definitely a unique experience and all we can say is that we felt super fortunate to have such an outstanding and successful trip. We would like to thank Helisud-Maroc for the wonderful B3 Helicopter and their hard work on locking down the logistics of this trip.

This is just my personal travel edit.  Check back for more footage from our Unofficial cinematographers coming soon.

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