The Finals at Engadin

The Finals at Engadin


The Finals at Engadin


Well unfortunately for me I'm wirting this post from a spectators standpoint. The qualifiers did not go so hot. Can't win them all I guess. Ha ha…

After speaking to some of my friends I'm not all that bummed that I didn't get to ski the faces. It seems the conditions where less than epic. People where stomping runs only to eat shit in the open powder right before the finish. The snow was pretty bad and there where rocks hidden everywhere! Such a bummer to crash after you stomp all you hard stuff.

A few standouts would include Olivia from France who took one of the most technical runs of the contest. It involved no big drops but it had us all on the edge of our seats. She ended up 2nd.

Sam Smoothy from New Zealand had a very impressive run stomping all hits hits and taking home the win.

And Susan Mol from the USA continues her winning streak on the snowboard side of things!

Well now we are all off to Fieberbrunn Austria for the 2nd stop of the FWT for women and a FWQ for the men. I hope to have pics of myself up on the podium this time!

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