Are you this good_Line of the Week

Are you this good_Line of the Week


Are you this good_Line of the Week


Grudge matches, fiddle sticks, jaxs, fencing, boxing, lawn bowling, darts, etc…. What do they all have in common? Two individuals going head to head with one clear victor.

What is stopping us from having a few grudge matches of our own? Skier vs. Skier.

I posted Adam Ruscitto's "B" role line from the other day to get you guys and gals fired up.  Add your videos on the forum. Lets get some grudge matches going, skier vs. skier. Line vs. Line. 

Comments rule and clear victors will be chosen. Plan on this being ruthless. Sort of like a run away train, we will not be holding back. Expect verbal bashing and trash talking.

Helmet cams and Barbie shots welcome. But it must be one line schralp.  Same as this video.       


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