St. Moritz!

St. Moritz!


St. Moritz!


After my comp in Fieberbrunn AUS was canceled I decided to head over to St. Moritz to compete in a contes over there. I took a 9 hour train ride from Chamonix to St. Moritz. It was not quit as smooth of a trip as I head expected. 9 hours and 6 or 7 trains later I had arrived in the ritzy town of St. Moritz. Don't get me wrong this place is beautiful, the mountains amazing but the town itself is like Aspen on steroids.

The onle affordable accomadation I could find was at a hostel. The first two nights I shared a room with my new friends Eric and Mike from Slovenia.

New Slovenian friends

I took it easy my first day at Engadin and just cruised around the mountain. The views are amazing.

The following day I took part in the contest. The venue was pretty mellow and I guess I had picked a poor line choice because the jusdges did not like my run at all. Oh well, life goes on.

the qualifier venue

I spent the rest of the day thinking I had a run that would get me into the finals. I rode up and down the tram checking out the finals venue. It looks like so much fun!

finals venue

Well I'm about to head out and cheer on the finals competitors. I seem to be experiencing some difficulty uploading these pics. Hopefully you can get the idea.

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