Desolation Wilderness Tour

Desolation Wilderness Tour


Desolation Wilderness Tour


Headed into Desolation on Sunday for a long day.  Our the original plan was to ski Dick's Peak from the Bayview Trailhead.  Dick's was scoured, and looked awful.  We kept going.  It turned into a nine hour day, making our last descent after sunset, but the runs, and snow, we got were awesome.

Believe it or not, this is actually the north face of Dick's Peak.  Rates somewhere between horrible, and unskiable.  Due to a notch near the summit, the north face seems to get hammered regardless of the wind direction.  Good west winds this day, (not evil east winds) but the wind still came blasting down this slope.


When we got to our "backup" line, I think we were all pretty stoked that Dick's had looked so bad.  I skated over and skied the skier's right side of the face, while the rest of the crew skied the skier's left chute.  The steep face was about 500 vertical feet, with another grand of fun roll-overs down to the lake.  You can see the big picture in the first photo.


This was the second lap, halfway back to the car.  Took this photo in the morning.  The light was a little flat by the time we skied it, but the snow was still great.  Perfect touring snow: not too deep on the way up, but smooth and ripping on the way down.


In the end we estimated that was skied about 5500 vertical feet, and traveled almost 15 miles.

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