FWT stop One

FWT stop One


FWT stop One


Yesterday I took part in the first stop of the Freeride World Tour in Chamonix. The venue had just been covered with snow over the last few days and I was looking forward to skiing. JT Holmes, Tim Dutton and I had been scoping out our lines over the past few days. Tim and I decided to take off from start one along with only three other competitors. The rest of the field chose start two.

Here Tim Dutton is checking out photos at the top of start one right before his third place finish.

It was pretty easy to find my line from the top. I scoped out my first drop and the waited on the freezing cold for hours til my run.

My drop in

I got all ready for my run when I noticed one problem. Apparently on the 45 min hike to the top of the start I had managed to lose my middle boot buckle. I tried to make the best of it thinking it would not affect me at all but that was not the case. After my first cliff it was apparent that this run was not going to go as planned. I landed and instantly got thrown into the back seat and eventually ate shit. I got up shook it off and headed to a smaller hit than planned. That only resulted in me sliding on my back over rocks. Needless to say my first comp day of the year was not the best start. Oh well, I did get to check out some amazing views from the top! See for yourself…

top of start one

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