The North Face Masters in Snowbird, Utah

The North Face Masters in Snowbird, Utah


The North Face Masters in Snowbird, Utah


Shredding Some Pow on the Weather Day at Snowbird from The North Face Masters on Vimeo.

The first stop of The North Face Masters, 2010, in Snowbird, Utah, has one more day to pull off a competition.  It’s hard to be frustrated that we haven’t been able to compete the first two days, due to bad weather.  We’ve been shredding knee deep, blower pow the past two weather days.  The mountain hasn’t seen too much snow this season, so the base, including some rocks in the venue, is easily found in all this light snow.  The venue will be Silver Fox, right below the tram.


At the end of today, the clouds began to break a bit, giving us hope for a competition day tomorrow.  With only one day to get through 100 plus competitors, we’ll only have time for one judged run.  This means every competitor, from Travis Rice to Joe Shmoe, will be in the finals.  The stars are out as of now, so stay tuned for some TNF Masters comp footage!

For official results and other info, check out the TNF Masters home page.


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