1/24/10 Day Off (sort of)

1/24/10 Day Off (sort of)


1/24/10 Day Off (sort of)


   I was actually tired this morning and I didn’t feel like messing with the traffic unless Silverado was going to open.  So, I figured an easy backcountry lap would be nice and relaxing.   I couldn’t find a partner and was running low on time, so I decided to do some “back yard” backcountry on Prosser Hill.  Prosser Hill is a hill, not a mountain of any sorts, but its quick easy and my dog loves it. 
   The snow was actually very good up there!  However, Prosser Hill is very mellow and I could only gain enough speed to make about 15 real turns.  But they were fun pow turns.  The snow was also deep enough to give NaPali some trouble.  It was chest deep on her and since the angle was so low, she couldn’t just charge down as usual, she had to slog through it.  Oh well, we both had fun and got some great exersize.   

Pali on the way up

Looking back at the hood

Pali on top looking happy

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