Trip Report Russia 2010

Trip Report Russia 2010


Trip Report Russia 2010


burnin in

Our first stop in Russia was in the city of St. Petersburg where we got to check out the World Famous Hermitage museum. Fascinating stuff in there, an excellent way to spend an afternooon. Obviously none of us are typically museum types. There was this peculiar photo of a guy burning in an apparent wingsuit flight gone wrong. Seems to be depicting the story of Icarus, but Icarus was a boy, and this guy is a balding old man, and Icarus’ wax melted on his wings, this guy straight up caught on fire. It is interesting that even in ancient days people dreamt of flying wingsuit style.


Chairlifts here are soon to be replaced and are SKETCHY. peep this photograph of the chairlift cable with a bulge/ fray to it. Not cool. Yesterday the lift started going backwards. It was scary, we almost jumped.


ALso, peep this blue steel I got out of world famous sexy skier, Henrik Winsted. Henrik. So hot right now.


and a camo dog.

I know we have nothing to complain about, most people would kill to have Timy and my schedule for the winter, summer, all of it. Exotic locations, culture, helicopters, new terrain, cameras parchutes, all sorts of fun stuff, but ma oh man, when Tahoe is firing there is absolutely no place I would rather be without a doubt. I can honestly say that when I miss storms like this I feel like I have missed a once in a lifetime opportunity, akin in magnitude to being out of town during the birth of your only child.

Hell, why am I even blogging? everyone is either skiing, shoveling sleeping or building fires. No one is gonna read this.

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