Jones Snowboards: 2010/11 Snowboard Preview

Jones Snowboards: 2010/11 Snowboard Preview


Jones Snowboards: 2010/11 Snowboard Preview


Any new materials or construction technologies?

Our goal is to do whatever we can environmentally without compromising performance and durability. FCS wood cores, recycled bases, linseed fiber instead of glass, and no plastic in the top sheets will be our base line. We will continue to explore new materials as they come available.
Anyone who purchases a Jones Snowboards will receive a membership to POW ( <; ) and we will also donate 1% of all sales to POW to help offset our manufacturing footprint.

What themes are you seeing for graphics?
Clean graphics with either wood topsheets or a very thin topsheet that you will be able to see the grains of the wood through much of the graphic.


Jeremy Jones

What market segment are you focusing on? How and why?

Freeriding  is one of the few areas in snowboarding that has seen consistent growth over the past few years.  I know it is a small market and I am realistic about our numbers and have set the business up accordingly.

The last few years I have had a growing desire to put more focus toward the freerider.  There are hundreds of park boards out there but a limited number of good freeride boards and I am seeing more and more people stepping away from the park and starting to explore more of the mountain. This is super important for the growth of snowboarding. We are losing a lot of older riders because all they know about is the park and they are getting sick of getting hurt so they are heading to the beach.  With this company and my new movie “Deeper” I hope to inspire people to keep evolving their riding.

We will have a strong focus toward freeride boards. Unlike most companies where freeriding is an afterthought, for us it is the primary focus.  This focus will hopefully lead to innovative products for people that like to ride the whole mountain – steeps, jumps, etc. and keep snowboarding.

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