West Shore

West Shore


West Shore



Went out Saturday to explore some of the zones between Jake’s and Rubicon Peaks.  I figured at least it would be the last view of the lake I’d get for a while.


One zone we skied.  Entered the cirque skiers right of the peak, on the prominent bench.  The Straightline looks good to go, just kinda hard to scope the run-out.  You either had to hike up to check out the run-out, or just wait and see what it looked like from halfway down the chute.

I’d always dismissed this area as a tree run, but we found tons of worthy stuff.  Good snow for exploring chutes that “almost certainly” went through, too.  About eight to ten inches of stable pow up high.  A little thin down low.

Can’t wait to go back now that I know the lines, and with some more snow too. Look for some POV shots whenever it stops snowing.  No rush though…

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