We sat munched some food and sipped coffee upstairs in this enormous book store while JT’s fan gave us a layout on the night life of St. Petersburg. We took some pictures of this church on our way back to the hotel to nap before giving the city hell.
We woke up from our nap around 9 pm (8 am PST) and decided that we would give Russian sushi a try on our way to the club. To my surprise, the sushi turned out to be phenomenal with very nice surroundings. We finished up eating then be lighted it for the club. We found what seemed like a nice quite corner at first until the Fooz-Ball table next to us got out of control. I don’t know what it is ether with everyone listening to soft 80’s U.S. Rock in clubs around the world. I’m not sure if people remember the intro song to the show “Friends,” but when that came on the whole club went A-Wall. At this point I decided that I would try my luck with the taxi services and find my way back to the hotel before this turned into one of those South American raggers and I start getting sweetie palms. I found a nice looking Russian girl who kindly agreed to share a cab with me so that the taxi didn’t drop me off on the other side of town, take my money, and drive away.
To my surprise , even with the Russian Girl, I made it back to the hotel way easier than I thought. I’m not sure on why the stereotype of Russians is mean because everyone here is super nice. I paid the nice gentle man, thanked the young lady and headed for the door. I brushed my teeth and dove into my sleeping bag thinking about how rad it’s going to be when I get to do my first backflip in Russia.