Jonny Moseley plays tour guide

Olympic gold-medal moguls skier Jonny Moseley is offering daily mountain tours to holiday visitors through Saturday. Intermediate-level or above skiers and boarders may meet up with Moseley at the top of the Funitel at 1 p.m. each day. Having honed his skills as a young skier at Squaw Valley, Moseley now serves as the official chief mountain host for the resort

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‘Tweet’ prizes spread across the mountain on New Year’s Day

The ski area will give clues through its Twitter account for a scavenger hunt, starting at 10 a.m. local time on New Year’s Day. Collecting individual prizes at various locations can lead to grand prizes, including lift tickets.

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Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts getting pounded by major storm pushing Squaw Valley to 13 feet of snow for December

The Santa storm hitting the Lake Tahoe area has dumped an additional 30 inches of snow on the ski resort Shane McConkey, Jonny Moseley, Cody Townsend, JT Holmes and all their rock star buddies have helped make famous, Squaw Valley. For the month of December, Squaw will cross the 13 foot level!!!

Yes you read that right – 13 freakin feet! This season might reach the epic 2001 ski season where they got so much snow, people in LA are still drinking the run off today out of their taps. I think I had a glass of it today and tasted a little bit of Jonny Moseley’s edge.

To date Squaw Valley has received over a third of its annual snowfall and they still have 4 1/2 months of the season left. It is also a big year for Squaw Valley as they have two important birthdays. First it is the 60th anniversary of the storied ski resort and second it is the 50th anniversary of the winter Olympics held there in 1960.

I think we have said enough about this place. Geez freekin laweeze, get your butt to Squaw Valley.