Get your tune on...

Get your tune on...


Get your tune on...


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I frequent the Start Haus in Truckee for most of my ski related needs. These guys take care of everything from base repairs to custom boot liners, and sell everything from touring bindings to the highest quality racing wax. Hucking cliffs? They carry a full line of POC protection, to keep your head, and body in check. They’ve recently expanded their store to include a new space specializing in everything Nordic as well. However you like to ski, these guys have got you covered.

Most importantly, their staff is very knowledgeable at what they do. They’re not just your every day ski shop dudes who like to let you know they are smarter and radder than you when you bring your stuff in (a big pet peeve of mine)! When you bring your all mountain skis in for a base grind/ sharpen/ wax, you can expect the best tune-up money can buy. Ask about a hot box cycle; a high-end technology at the Start Haus that your every day ski shop doesn’t offer.

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