Crystal Mountain

Crystal Mountain


Crystal Mountain


I get excited when I ski at Crystal Mountain. It’s where I grew up skiing and is in my opinion still one of the very best. The amazing terrain seems endless, so when it dumps there are secret stashes to last forever. I envy the northwest style features: pillow lines, mini spines, tree jumps, you name it and they’re there, getting skied by only a handful of local rippers.

If it’s so good, you’re wondering, why don’t you still live there? It basically comes down to a matter of access. I’ve grown soft, you see, and like to live where I ski and near a reasonably sized town, simultaneously. The northwest skiers smile at this explanation, happy to keep their beloved zones safe from the bros of CA and UT, at least for now. When the sell out resort guide barely puts Crystal in the top ten, it’s a gross injustice, but nobody seems to complain. Let the Texans have Vail, the smarter travelers UT, and the bay area Tahoe. There’s no doubt the northwest skiers know they have something special and would rather keep it to themselves.

If you’re ever up that way however, don’t miss it. Even better, chase a storm and prepare to powder pig ’til you choke.


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